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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management


About the product

For systematic management of project of any scope, a professional software is needed.

Spider Project is unique Russian software, which key advantage is speed of calculation and option of multiproject management.

Integrated system Spider Project is available in 3 versions:

Spider Project Pro

Spider Project Pro is installed in Project Office for multiproject simulation and control, and in those units that make decisions on management of the organization as a whole (for example, those that plan and perform financial management, procurement).

Spider Project Desktop Plus

Desktop Plus is similar to professional version, as against professional version,except it doesn’t support multiproject control tools and calculations of project schedule with limits on material supplies and financing.

Spider Project Desktop

Spider Project Desktop is used to manage separate projects, number of suppliesso usually in the organizations need in Spider Project Desktops is determined by the number of projects implemented in the same period of time. Usually there are 4-5 Desktop workbench versions per one Professional workbenchversion.

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Did you know that:


Spider Project System software for project management is used for 28 countries of the world in all industries.


Spider Project has been used in the program of construction of objects for Winter Opliympic Games “SOCHI-2014”.


Spider Project used by Brazilian company Petrobras in the project of construction of the pipeline Urucu - Manaus.


Spider Project is used in the program of construction of federal highways of the Russian Federation – highway Amur (Chita-Khabarovsk), Kolyma and the like. Length – few thousand of kilometers.


Spider Project is used by Romanian company Romtelecom for managing the portfolio of 2,000 telecommunication projects.


Stadium “Donbass Arena” was built with the use of Spider Project.


Since 2010 Spider Project has been used in management of NSC Olimpiyskyi.