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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management



Don’t think that problems you face on the road of your development are irresolvable. Of course, they are unique, but they are also opportunities – opportunity to improve productivity, optimize the structure, change processes and apply new tools, etc. It is a good chance to assess the existing problem areas, as well as to see new opportunities, introduce changes and achieve new level of maturity of the project management system. Seizing new opportunities you will see new prospectives that will bring more success to your business.

  • We have two key pre-requisites for success of your project: experience and orientation to success.
  • Experience of project implementation in Ukraine allows us to take into account specific features conditions of making business in our country, while international experience sets standards and provides advanced solutions.
  • Experienced consultants, overall assessment of the current situation and new opportunities, guarantee of results achieving on each phase and further support of development will give you the key competitive advantage in the market – self-developing project management system and possibility to be one step ahead of your competitors.
We apply individually approach to task resolutioneach task proceeding depending on goals and opportunities.
General description of stages of the cycle of services rendering services is given below.

Assessment and opportunities

Assessing new opportunities for achieving goals suggests our consultants have a deep insight of how your company functions at all levels: top management/ project sponsors, heads of functional units, project managers, project team members. Insufficient support of projects – delay in resource allocation, non-acceptance of project results by the customers, undefined criteria of handing over project results, stakeholders don’t provide results in time, no top priorities, priority assigned equally to all project tasks in company, insufficient motivation of project team members – this is just a small part of problems faced by companies.

Our approach is focused on three key aspects: people, processes and tools, formation of organizational structure development clusters.

Clusters of development

For maximum performance and efficiency of business all strategic and structural components of your company shall correspond one to another. Rapid development of one component may create wave effect in the total performance of business and trigger improvement of other components.

Clusters of development in the company combine leadership, management structure, methods and processes, advanced practices and continuous improvement. Centers of development include the best practices of the company and all the new that will help it becoming again more efficient. They help achieving maximum results and are centers of introducing adapted changes, and they have wave effect on the organizational structure as a whole.

Methods and processes

Are the right processes implemented in your company which allow for people might to achieve the right results?

Ideally, for an organization it is enough to regulate the process of developing methods to optimize people’s work and help them achieving better results. But often we observe a different situation: improvement of processes and no holistic and consistent approach to changes, and as a result – more work and worse performance.

Our task is to assess processes, their correspondence accordance to current tasks and maturity of the project management system, to find ways of improvement according to the plan of changes for achieving maximum results, and assess results. The ultimate goal is maximum results.

Development and implementation

A successful company is created by people who are committed to business results. They understand and share strategic goals, understand how the organizational structure of the company works, know what they have to do for personal success and to achieve maximum business-results, understand how processes work and use them, know their career paths, develop themselves and their professional area, show maximum results, improve their competences.

More than half of our newly received knowledge and practices skills we lose the very next day after training if we don’t use them in practice. Support of introducing changes and implementing advanced practices tried by employees together with consulted consultant in the process of training will give maximum return on investments into studies. Our mix-approach: case study, workshop, individual coaching, and support will strengthen new knowledge, help to introduce immediate changes in work and create a background for continuous self-development.

Results estimation and new opportunities

During the consulting project your company underwent the process of necessary improvements. At each stage we achieved certain results under according to the plan of changes for achievement of business goals of the company.

Now it is time to assess results of the consulting project as a whole.

  • Did we achieve our project goals?
  • How did the performance of the project management system improve?
  • What new opportunities the current level of maturity provides to the company?

By experience we know that assessment of results will show additional bonus results for the company: clusters of development for self-development of the organization formed, improved people’s competences, efficient processes applied, correspondence of personal goals to strategic goals of business, focus on maximum results, and the most important – new level of maturity and new opportunities for business.