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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management


Project Management 3.0 / CAPM®

Authorized Training Partner Authorized PMP Instructor

How to effectively organize and implement a modern project

Agile or Waterfall? Or maybe a hybrid approach? Any project is unique, so the approach should be defined considering a range of factors.

PMBOK Guide or an expert’s advice? Why choose one thing when you can combine? The Project Management 3.0 / CAPM® course is a mix of technical, social, psychological, and business knowledge for project managers-beginners. The trainer's hands-on view of existing project management methods, techniques, tools, and documentation: what is really useful and works, and what is not.

Practice course or certification prep course? The Project Management 3.0 / CAPM® course effectively integrates both the practical aspects of project management and Certified Associate in Project Management® (CAPM®) certification prep.

This project management training program developed by our trainer and consultant with 12 years of practical project management experience and 5 years of training experience received many positive reviews and recommendations from students in Ukraine and the CIS.

This course provides the necessary PDUs for the PMI CAPM® certification exam eligibility. More details about CAPM® can be found here.

A 5% discount is applicable for PMI Ukraine Chapter members. Please specify your PMI ID in the comments when registering for the course. After your active PMI Ukraine Chapter mebership has been confirmed, we will issue and send you an electronic or paper invoice with the discount applied.

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Consultant and personal experience sharing:
Alina Piddubna

Alina Piddubna

Professional project manager with more than 10 years of experience. Trainer and consultant in project management, project portfolio, PMI development and organizational change
Authorized PMP Instructor PMP Candidate of Economics, PMI-ACP, CLSSGB, PSM(I), PMO-CP
Program Program: Preparation for certification
Venue Venue: ONLINE
Duration Duration: 10 lessons, 30 hours
Date Date: November 15 - December 15, 2021
(Mon & Wed, from 07:00PM till 10:00PM)
Language Language: Russian
<nobr>Certificate of study</nobr> Certificate of study: Yes
Bonus Bonus: 30 PDU's
Price Price: 11 990 UAH (or 450 USD)
Online payment available (bank cards) Online payment available (bank cards) Purchase by parts from monobank available Purchase by parts from PrivatBank available
After completing the course, the participants will:
  • Understand the basics of project management (terms, knowledge areas, processes, documents, project, and product life cycle) in the context of waterfall, agile, hybrid approaches
  • Be able to determine the best approach to the project: waterfall, agile, hybrid, based on the characteristics of the organization, the client, and the project
  • Know the role, functions of the project manager and the requirements for his or her competencies. Will be able to draw up a personal competency development plan.
  • Know the key sources of information for the project.
  • Know how to apply PMBOK Guide in practice and gain benefits from it
  • Know how to organize effective work with the client, sponsor, team, and other stakeholders
  • Know on a basic level more than 100 tools and methods of project management, how to select and apply the necessary tools
  • Be able to apply MS Project (or an alternative PMIS) and JIRA at a basic level
  • Understand the benefits, areas of application, specifics of planning and execution of Agile projects, know the key artifacts and rituals of SCRUM, areas of use for Kanban
  • Know what is included in the project charter, project management plan and other basic documentation and why they are needed
  • Effectively solve various project problems.
  • Understand how an effective project manager differs from a mediocre one
  • Know how to plan a project realistically: define schedule and budget based on product requirements, quality, communications, resource availability and qualifications, and other factors
  • Be able to monitor and control a project, prepare reports, predict the timing and cost, considering the actual execution
  • Know how to proactively deal with project risks and increase the likelihood of successful project implementation, how to reduce the number of problems and unforeseen situations
  • Know the basics of organizing and conducting project procurements
  • Be able to apply the basic skills of project team formation, development, and management, deal effectively with team conflicts
  • Know how to write a project manager’s CV for a job search, applying the basic principles of personal branding
  • Be able to apply the basic skills of competent project communication, reduce misunderstandings, mistakes, and loss of information
  • Know how to effectively deal with people using basic skills of emotional intelligence, leadership, and influence
  • Have the required PDUs to be admitted to the CAPM® Certification exam
The course will be useful if:
  • You are planning a project management career and want to do it with more confidence
  • You are a project manager with up to 3 years of experience and want to systematize your knowledge, increase your efficiency, find a solution to problems in the current project, receiving an advice and opinion from an experienced practitioner and coach
  • You have just been assigned or are planning to have a project and you want to do your job right
  • You want to prepare for CAPM certification and increase your competitiveness in the labor market
Useful tools:
  • Project documentation templates, incl. MS Project plan, communication plan, risk register, etc.
  • Examples of project documentation for a conventionally real project with a hybrid life cycle
  • Tools for estimating and forecasting schedule, costs, resources of agile & waterfall projects
  • Tools for collecting and prioritizing product requirements, risk assessment, quality management and other knowledge areas
  • Agile interview questions
  • Project manager CV template
  • The modern project manager's slang vocabulary
  • Logic diagram of PMBOK Guide processes for CAPM certification prep
Training approach and techniques:
  • Work on a project from start to finish. You will learn how to work with an agile and a classic (waterfall) project across its life cycle.
  • Practice with the most popular project planning and control tools: MS Project or its alternatives with a classic project. Work with JIRA with an agile project.
  • Study the PMBOK Guide of the current edition using the trainer's unique methodology (diagrams, processes infographics and practical examples)
  • 50+ pre-recorded mini videos with the course’s theory and video instructions for performing practice exercises with MS Project and JIRA, which you watch at any convenient time
  • 10 3-hour online sessions for practice exercises in groups and individually, gamified knowledge checks, Q&A, communication with the trainer (sessions are recorded, available 2-3 days after each session)
  • Practical examples and the trainer's own experience on what really works, what is important, and what can be skipped, how to prevent and solve problems in projects.
  • Study materials in electronic form and additional materials for self-study on each module
  • Homework by choice:
    • practice exercises and trainer’s feedback (MS project, JIRA, choosing an approach to product development, analyzing the project environment)
    • tests for each course topic to test knowledge and prepare for the CAPM certification
    • watching films through the prism of project management and searching for answers
  • Final test to test the knowledge gained
  • Gamification and humor. Visual practice of PMBOK Guide tools and techniques through electronic teamwork tools
  • Gift for the best student upon graduation
  • Group telegram chat for communications and organization information sharing with the trainer and other group members
What you need for the course:
  • Internet access and Zoom application for participating in online sessions, using our LMS system
  • MS Project software installed to your PC / laptop. If you plan to use the free trial, pls note that it is valid only for 30 days, it is better to do this immediately before starting classes with MS Project - the trainer will inform you about this in advance. You can also use alternative software, the trainer will also talk about in the classroom. The software is only needed if you plan to do practice exercises with MS Project. Access to JIRA is provided by Spider Ukraine.
Course curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Project Management. Project environment (2 sessions)

  • Introduction to the course
  • History, basic concepts on project management
  • Project, program, portfolio of projects
  • About the CAPM® exam
  • Project life cycle and product development approaches: predictive, agile, hybrid
  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Project management knowledge areas. Overview of project management processes and documentation for predictive, agile, hybrid
  • Role model in project management
  • Types of companies, organizational structures, the role of RMO
  • How enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets affect the project
  • Tools for selecting an approach to a project and product development: predictive, agile, hybrid

Module 2: The Role of a Project Manager (1 session)

  • Role and functions of a project manager
  • The skills and knowledge necessary for a good PM
  • Overview of project management tools
  • Leadership and management in project management
  • Power and influence in project management
  • PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • How the project environment affects the project manager’s power and responsibilities

Module 3: Initiation Process Group (1 session)

  • Processes, documents and tools for initiating predictive, agile, hybrid projects
  • Project charter
  • Project business case
  • High-level assessment of project parameters, constraints, and success factors
  • Identifying and analyzing project stakeholders

Module 4: Planning Process Group (3 sessions)

  • Overview of planning processes, methods, tools and documents for predictive, agile, hybrid projects
  • Project management plan
  • Project scope: description, design, structure
  • Project procurement planning
  • Project setup in MS Project and JIRA
  • Planning the schedule, resources and cost of the project
  • Planning an agile team. Agile Mindset and Agile Manifesto
  • Product and project quality, quality metrics and test planning. Introducing XP and Kanban
  • Planning for communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Dealing with project risks: methods, tools, documentation
  • How to make the project plan realistic

Module 5: Execution Process Group (1 session)

  • Tools, methods and documents for the execution of each knowledge area of predictive, agile, hybrid projects
  • Selection of suppliers, contracts
  • Team formation, development and management. Virtual Teams
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Dealing with conflicts, difficult participants; emotional intelligence
  • Lessons learned register and knowledge management
  • Project quality and risk management

Module 6: Project Monitoring and Control (2 sessions)

  • Tools, methods and documents for monitoring and controlling parameters of predictive, agile, hybrid projects
  • Managing project changes
  • Controlling project schedule, scope, cost
  • Controlling procurements
  • Improving communication efficiency and stakeholder engagement
  • Quality and risk control
  • Final acceptance of results (scope validation)
  • Project closure process group: how to finalize a project
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