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Building the bridge from ideas to implementation
with project management



Alina, thank you for the interesting course, valuable knowledge, for the positive atmosphere and our involvement.”


Project management preparation student

Alina, thank you for your invaluable experience. You are a real professional! You inspire.”


Project management preparation student

I want to share my briefcase, and I want to say a proven, real thank you for the course. If at first I had difficulty understanding how this theoretical knowledge will help me (although I have a small practical experience), but I can tell you that without this course, as a whistler, I have certainly failed many tests and interviews. I am grateful for this knowledge right now! I never thought interviews would ask about the disciplines of management. So thank you very much!”


Project management preparation student

Thank you very much! You have helped me to understand the essence, the fundamentals of project management, and many things I already look at very differently. I know this is just the beginning, but I am very interested. I will be watching Facebook events. See you later!”


Project management preparation student

Alina, good afternoon! I wanted to thank you separately for the course. Interesting material and not boring style of presentation. Thanks to your experience and knowledge, it was always interesting for you to listen and learn practical skills that were applied in real problem situations.”


Project management preparation student

Thank you for your work. You are a very cool specialist and a kind person.”


Project management preparation student

Thanks to Alina for the accessible and qualitative presentation of the material.”


Project management preparation student

Alina, thank you very much for the very interesting and for many, I hope, very useful PM course. The large number of diplomas is a clear confirmation of your versatile talents (apart from the triangle of talents PM, you still have theatrical abilities - interesting quests). Thank you again! Good luck and see you!”


Project management preparation student

Everything was explained down to the smallest details and very understandable. Thank You!”

Igor Sorokin

Lead Engineer of Technology Implementation Department, ASTELIT

The course has completely proved my expectations, good quality of handling the material”

Konstantin Naumenko

Engineer, MTS